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Chelsea Football Tickets

Chelsea Football Club (founded in 1905), are based at their Stamford Bridge ground, located in Fulham, London. They are positioned in the Premier League, run and managed by José Mourinho, a former football player and Portuguese football manager.

Chelsea Football Club (commonly known as "The Blues" or "The Pensioners"), have been cited as one of the best and most successful football teams in English football, having won numerous league championship titles, FA cups, League Cups and FA Community Shields. They have also won the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup.

Chelsea football tickets, for home matches, vary, depending on a number of factors (i.e. area of the stadium, opposing team, type of competition). The four major stands (East and West Stands, Shed End (South) and Matthew Harding Stand (North)), are split into areas with ticket prices broken down by type of ticket: Adult Member Adult General Sale Junior/Senior Member Junior/Senior General Sale

For example, Chelsea football tickets for one adult non-member and one junior non-member would cost £64 and £27.50 respectively, for seating in the East Upper area, when playing at home against "Category AA" teams (e.g. Manchester United) in the Premier League. The remaining categories are "Category A" (e.g. Newcastle) - priced at £56.00 and £26.00 respectively and "Category B" (e.g. Southampton) - priced at £51.00 and £26.00 respectively.

A seating plan is available on their official website, as well as available to download.

In addition, Chelsea football tickets are also available for their Champions League matches (from group stages through to quarter final and semi-final matches), the FA Cup, and the League Cup.

Season tickets are obviously also available, and again vary depending on what area you wish to be in the stands. Two price structures exist, one for Adults (e.g. £750 for a season ticket in the Matthew Harding stand, lower area) and one for Senior Citizens/Juveniles (£380 for the same area as described above). Prices range from £595 through to £1,250 for adults, and £285 through to £485 for Senior Citizens/Juveniles.

Finally, and in addition to the above, Chelsea fans can purchase a "True Blue Membership" package (for a particular season), again broken down into a range of flexible packages, depending on cost and what you want out of your membership. For example, you can purchase a priority ticket only package (£25.00), or the full works ("True Blue Original"), including priority ticket access, monthly magazine and membership pack (£45.00).


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